Owen Companies supports agencies and best-in-class businesses building the backbone of modern American life.

Maintaining Infrastructure

Our nation’s redoubled efforts to modernize and protect utilities and infrastructure require unprecedented levels of industry expansion and coordination. Owen Companies brings deep domain experience to the task.

Operator-Centric Excellence in Sewer Maintenance

Navigate excellence in sewer maintenance with Vactor’s advanced solution. Prioritizing the operator’s experience, this cutting-edge cleaner combines user-friendly controls, safety features, and innovative design for seamless performance in any environment.

Our Brands

Sweeper Trucks, Sewer Cleaners, Vacuum Excavators and more.

Hand-Fed Chippers, Stump Grinders, Track Carriers, Whole Tree Chippers.

Drill Rigs, Tooling, Teeth, Kelly Bar, Mechanical Repair, Services.


Owen Companies focuses on recruiting individuals with a deep understanding of infrastructure dynamics, adept at navigating complex systems and driving efficiency. We prioritize hiring those who excel in optimizing infrastructure frameworks to elevate operational standards and ensure seamless project execution.